Jane Fyfield

Jane has qualifications in geriatric medicine, public health, health administration and workplace assessment and training and she has worked in the public, private and government sectors as a clinician and a non-clinical consultant. She has also taught in a number of university and TAFE courses including medical, nursing and allied health in clinical areas, epidemiology, biostatistics, global health and ageing. Jane has assisted many health services (hospitals and community organisations, in rural and metro areas) and aged care organisations in developing strategic services plans, re-orienting their businesses and establishing new services.

Jane has been a Board Director of a large aged care organisation in Victoria, where she had many roles including Deputy Chair of the Board, chair of the Governance Improvement Committee and a member of the Property Development Committee. Jane is also a member of the Policy and Planning Committee of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine and a member of the Victorian Executive Committee of the Australian Association of Gerontology. She is currently a Board Director of the Weary Dunlop Foundation, a Medical Research Foundation.

Jane is also President of the Victorian Committee of Management of Musica Viva Australia.

Jane was an Advisor in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) for almost twenty years until September 2013. As the National Medical Advisor in Health Strategy and Gerontology, she was involved in, among other things, brokering and managing research projects, building partnerships with researchers, evaluating research applications for DVA and translating the research findings into policy and practice. Other activities at DVA have included policy, strategic planning and services delivery advice in the areas of acute, primary and community care as well as aged care, mental health and health promotion, and the identification of service gaps and opportunities for veterans. She was also involved in the provision of staff and health provider education.

Jane has also been the Medical Director of a multi-campus Aged Care organisation which provided a full range of services to its clients from home and community care, independent living and residential care.