New Tricks Co exists to improve the health and wellbeing of Australia’s ageing population, empowering individuals to live a healthier, more independent life, for longer.

Founded by Dr Jane Fyfield, Jason Lee and Jonathan Reece, New Tricks Co is a health and wellness website, designed to provide simple, real-world advice on healthy ageing.

At New Tricks Co, we believe that with the right guidance, everyone, at any age, has the ability to make positive change, to get more out of their mind and body, and lead a more self-empowered life.

In other words, anyone can learn a new trick or two.

Jason Lee and Dr Jane Fyfield have over 45 years of experience working with elderly Australians. Jason Lee runs his own physiotherapy practice, with a focus on strength and conditioning programs for over 60 year olds. Dr Jane Fyfield works as a consultant to aged care services, is a former Medical Director, and has worked in the public, private and government sectors as a clinician and a non-clinical consultant.

Together, they are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of Australia’s ageing population through their shared expertise and advice, and along with host, Jonathan, have created The Better Ageing Podcast.

Read more about Dr Jane Fyfield here, and Jason Lee here.