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Older Drivers

Did you know that VicRoads has an excellent website about driving safety? It includes really good tips on how to maintain driving skills, what to do if you think you need some help with improving your skills and getting around without a car. It’s possible to book an assessment with a specially trained Occupational Therapist who will assist drivers with medical conditions or disabilities to continue to drive safely.

Doctors are not required by law in Victoria to report their patients if they think they are unsafe. However, they are encouraged to talk to patients about their changing abilities and what help is available. If they do report someone as potentially unsafe on the road, they are indemnified under Victorian Road Safety Law.  For those of you in Victoria, VicRoads has information about the medical review process.

Drivers over the age of 75 years are usually considered older drivers. Older drivers are as safe as other age groups on the road, however they are more at risk of major injury or death if they are involved in a crash. Ageing does affect a driver because they are often frailer than younger drivers. It’s important to know what effects your medication and chronic illnesses or conditions might have on driving. Talk to family members, friends and your GP. Your GP might already include some questions about driving in your over 75 check (often performed by the practice nurse).  VicRoads has put together further information on how ageing affects drivers.

We strongly urge you to look at the VicRoads website to help you plan your future independence, mobility and transport.

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