Episode 5: 2Ds of ageing

In our fifth episode of The Better Ageing Podcast we’re discussing two Ds of ageing, diabetes (specifically type 2 diabetes) and dementia. 

This episode is particularly important as over 1 million people in Australia have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and Dementia, in its many forms, is seen by many as one of the most daunting conditions we can face.

In this discussion our experts Jason (physiotherapist) and Jane (geriatrician) break down both diseases, providing practical advice for people who have type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic, and explain ways to minimise the risks of dementia and how an early diagnosis can assist you to take control of your life.

We hope you enjoy the episode. As always, please share with those that you care for.

Topics covered (and timestamps) in the episode:

1:37 – Welcome 
4:15 – What is diabetes?  
5:50 – Type 2 Diabetes 
8:20 – What does diabetes actually mean? 
10:03 – How to know if you have diabetes 
11:34 – Diabetes treatments 
12:35 – Can it be reversed? 
15:55 – Who’s at risk of diabetes? 
18:38 – Hyper vs hypo 
20:20 – Diabetes and exercise  
25:55 – Dementia 
28:55 – Early dementia diagnosis 
33:35 – Can you prevent a diagnosis of dementia? 
35:15 – Dementia and exercise 
42:29 – Three key things to remember for dementia  
44:14 – Audience question: how long to get better after knee replacement
47:14 – Closing story 

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