Episode 7: Stroke and Frozen Shoulder

It’s the seventh episode of The Better Ageing Podcast, and in this episode we’re discussing the daunting, yet important topic of Stroke, and the particularly common and sometimes unknown condition of Frozen Shoulder, or Adhesive Capsulitis.

In this episode, Jason and Jane provide insight into what happens during a stroke, ways to minimise your risk, what to do if someone has a stroke, and what rehabilitation looks like following stroke, before providing very practical insight into avoiding and managing frozen shoulder.

For example, did you know the three stages of frozen shoulder are the freezing stage, frozen stage, and thawing stage!

If you want to know more about stroke, or have ever suffered from ongoing shoulder stiffness and pain, we hope you enjoy this episode and benefit from the advice we provide.

As always, please share with the loved ones that you care for.

Topics covered (and timestamps) in the episode:

1:37 – Welcome 
4:17 – What is a stroke? 
6:15 – Risk factors for stroke 
10:58 – Signs of a stroke 
19:17 – Trajectory of treatment of a stroke
20:40 – Neuroplasticity for rehabilitation 
23:50 – What happens after hospital? 
27:09 – Adhesive capsulitis 
32:50 – Three stages of frozen shoulder 
36:30 – Medical interventions 
47:25 – What to do at home 
51:01 – Audience question – ankle/wrist weights at home
54:52 – Closing story 

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