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How to not tire of Covid-19

Are you tired of this topic yet? If you are then let’s see if we can enthuse you again for what’s going on out there and why we need to continue doing our best for ourselves and each other. Because this has been an exceptional time and we aren’t used to living with personal restrictions, it could be easy to become a bit disillusioned and feel locked in.

The personal restrictions are of course for the common good and look at how well we in Victoria and Australia have done in containing what could have been an even more serious outbreak of the disease. That’s not to trivialise some people’s experiences of the disease and especially those who have died and what that means for their families and friends. But if we look back at the first modelling the scientists did about the dreadful potential of the pandemic we can congratulate ourselves on taking the warnings seriously and being compassionate and intelligent about the physical distancing, staying at home, washing our hands, getting treatment early, limiting our non-essential activities.

What are you doing to maintain your physical and psychological wellbeing during this time?

We’ve heard simply outstanding stories of increasing attention to fitness, family contact with video and other means, playing music, gardening, cooking and encouraging each other to stay safe. It’s probably good to be realistic about what we can do in this period, especially if working from home, providing space and structure for your children to do their schooling at home or you are taking enforced leave and feeling uncertain about the future. Make sure you can use some time just for you and don’t think you have to fill every minute with useful activities just because we are at home.

Some people have found the energy and motivation to reflect on their lives and influences, and renovate or reinvent themselves, their work and their relationships. This is good use of the time. Congratulations!

We have also heard devastating stories of financial hardship, loss of jobs, isolation from loved and vulnerable people, but still we have been true (most of us) to the restrictions imposed. This tells me that we are mostly a kind and caring society.

We know that a vaccine would be good, but it can’t be developed overnight. Medications would be good too, but we don’t have any reliable and effective ones for established disease just yet. What we do have is a responsive and excellent health system in Australia that can support huge numbers of ill people without fear or favour. We also have a plentiful supply of testing kits, so if you are feeling unwell arrange a COVID 19 test. If you are unwell call your doctor for advice or a consultation.

But most of all in these trying times,

Keep washing your hands,

Keep your sense of humour,

Keep your distance,

Keep treating the pandemic seriously,

Keep exercising,

Keep in touch.

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