Bone health and exercise, what does the research say? – Episode 27

In this episode of The Better Ageing Podcast we’re discussing the important role weight bearing exercise plays in maintaining and improving bone health. 

In particular, Jason highlights recent research that demonstrates the types of exercises that benefit bone density and how often someone should be exercising. Jane and Jason summarise the research and break down how it applies to you at home and how you can incorporate it into your own lifestyle. 

As always, we hope this episode helps you better understand your own health and wellbeing and how you can care for those you love too. 

Listen to episode 27 above or on your favourite app:

Show notes/ topics covered:

0:07 – Welcome 
1:08 – Introduction to bone health 
3:04 – Jason explains the recent research 
4:46 – Repetitive exercise has diminishing returns for bone density 
5:33 – Finding your benchmark 
6:46  – High impact exercises 
9:01 – Do you need a physio, or can they be done at home? 
11:05 – How much should I be exercising? 
12:19 – How often should I be incorporating weight bearing exercise? 
13:31 – Risks of low bone density 
13:56 – Final thoughts  

About the experts: 

Jason Lee and Dr Jane Fyfield have over 45 years of experience working with elderly Australians. Jason Lee runs his own physiotherapy practice, with a focus on strength and conditioning programs for over 60 year olds. Dr Jane Fyfield works as a consultant to aged care services, is a former Medical Director, and has worked in the public, private and government sectors as a clinician and a non-clinical consultant. 

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