Episode 8: Developing an exercise program & Making the best use of your doctor

We’re delighted to share episode eight of The Better Ageing Podcast with you!

In this episode, Jason talks us through how to develop a structured exercise program that features cardiovascular exercise and strength training, and Jane discusses how to make the best use of your doctor.

Together the pair provide easy to follow advice that will enable you to start a basic exercise program to find your 30 minutes of exercise a day, and prepare you for your next visit to the doctor, ensuring you know the right questions to ask and tips to follow so that your consult doesn’t feel like a blur!

As always, we encourage you to share this episode with the loved ones that you care for.

Topics covered (and timestamps) in the episode:

1:37 – Welcome 
4:17 – What is a structured exercise program? 
8:15 – The talk test for cardiovascular exercise 
8:55 – Heart rate for moderate exercise  
13:35 – 5 days of moderate exercise 
16:24 – The 10% rule  
19:21 – Strength training 
24:15 – How to increase strength training safely 
27:36 – Making the best use of your doctor 
31:00 – Taking someone with you to the doctor 
36:05 – Audience question – aspirin to prevent risk of stroke 
39:07 – Closing story 

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