Happy holidays – bonus episode

Happy holidays! In this bonus episode we’re spreading the festive cheer and bringing you the 10 closing stories from our first 10 episodes. 

We hope this brings you a smile or two this holiday season, and maybe even gives you a joke that you can add to your repertoire to pull out at your next party. 

As always, thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy the episode.

Jokes and timestamps:

1:21 – The Italian tomato garden 
3:17 – Old ice fisherman 
4:19 – Long-lost friends find a magic lamp 
5:24 – Old man goes to the doctor 
6:15 – Old man goes to the zoo 
7:01 – Dog goes to the vet 
8:21 – Two cannibals 
9:56 – Man stopped by the police 
10:57 – The Pope goes driving  
12:22 – Recurring dreams 

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