We’re back! Episode 11: How to avoid spreading infections & Post-operative rehabilitation

Happy New Year! It might be a tad late, but we’re extremely excited to be back in 2020 with Episode 11 of The Better Ageing Podcast.

In this episode, Jane provides timely advice on how to avoid spreading infections as the world grapples with the new coronavirus. She shares her top tips which can be applied to most infections, but that are doubly important to be aware of in today’s climate.

Then, Jason discusses post-operative treatment and rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery with great first-hand advice from Jane through her own knee replacement experience. 

As always, thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy the episode. Please share it with those that you care for, and remember, we’d love to submit your question to have it answered by Jane and Jason on the show! 


Topics covered (and timestamps) in the episode:

1:36 – Welcome 
5:00 – How to not spread infections: introduction 
5:58 – What is a virus? 
8:53 – Jane’s top tips for avoiding the spread 
13:50 – Are masks a good idea? 
17:08 – Summary of ways to avoid the spread 
20:31 – Post-operative rehabilitation 
21:21 – What is orthopaedic surgery? 
23:25 – The work after surgery is as important as the surgery itself 
26:30 – Rehabilitation first steps: the hospital  
28:52 – What happens when you’re discharged after surgery? 
32:05 – Audience question: difference between tennis and golfer’s elbow? 
34:54 – Closing story 

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